The Bridge Construction Set

The Bridge Construction Set 1.36

Build a bridge that won't break


  • Limited budget
  • Wind speed
  • Different materials
  • Simulate and run tests
  • Move around in 3D


  • Fairly difficult

Very good

The Bridge Construction Set will not only cater to wannabe architects but also to anybody curious about the physics of bridges. The game, set in a wireframe 3D environment, allows you to build briges of different sizes and materials. The trick is to make something that will hold, whilst not exceeding your budget. You'll have varying amounts of materials like wire, steel, or decks at hand, each with a specific function. The fun part of the game is that you can simulate your creations and open it up to vehicles to see if it holds.

We weren't really bothered by the weak graphics, as after all this a wireframe simulation. What was a cause for concern was the difficulty of the game. You'll soon see that it's difficult to build something resistant with a limited budget, also considering that there are external elements that you have to deal with, like the wind.

We also felt that the instructions in the game were a bit limited. Although going into Help gives you all details into material weight, strength and costs and all the key functions, more tips on which material to use where would have come in handy.

The Bridge Construction Set is a challenging wireframe 3D building game.

In The Bridge Construction Set, Building a bridge that doesn't break is what its all about, although watching your bridge creation break and plunge a train into the watery depths below can be half the fun. In the Bridge Construction Set you design and build bridges and then stress test them to see how your creations hold up under pressure. When test vehicles pass over your bridge and make it safely across you know you've succeeded. If they plummet into the river you know you need to go back to the drawing board.

The robust physics deployed in the Bridge Construction Set let you build a wide variety of bridges that can span the river. The 3D graphics allow you to view your bridge from any angle including a first person train view - its like being strapped to the front of the train when your bridge is first tested (if this happened in real life I think we might have engineers checking all their bridges in a simulator).

The Bridge Construction Set includes many types of bridge building levels in varying degrees of difficulty from simple to complex with a tutorial section to get you started. A Level Editor is also included so you can create your own levels and trade them with others.

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The Bridge Construction Set


The Bridge Construction Set 1.36

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